SEO: Superman of Digital Marketing’s Universe

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Poster Child of Digital Marketing

It’s almost impossible to have a conversation about digital marketing without mentioning SEO, the current poster-child of digital marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used to increase the visibility of websites and spike traffic by improving site content in order to rank higher in search engine user queries.

Search Engine Optimization

Put into the simplest terms possible, search engine optimization serves the purpose of communicating with search engines so that they can match website content with relevant queries. Understanding SEO and what it does requires understanding SEO’s five main components: content, keywords, linking, social media and strategy. Continue reading


The 1-2-3’s of Content Marketing

digital marketing search engine optimization content marketingContent marketing can be a marketer’s best friend. It can lead to higher earnings, better audience interaction and loyal brand supporters when executed well.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? To put it in my own words; Content Marketing is all about creating an effective brand story. It attracts the target audience using a pull strategy. This strategy is utilized through owned media outlets such as a YouTube channel, E-books, social media accounts and many others. Content marketing is a combination of three important characteristics: (1) promotion without selling, (2) connecting with the audience and (3) consistency.

1) Promotion without Selling

This is where content marketing distinguishes itself from advertising: it promotes content without selling it. Content marketing presents the audience with content as a way to convey information, tell a story or provide a resource, all while nurturing the brand story. Advertising must provide payment to rent or occupy media space in order to convey the brand message. Continue reading

Discovering Digital Marketing

digital marketing search engine optimization content marketing social media marketingFor a while now, I’ve been asking myself what is digital marketing? You see the term “digital marketing” all over the place in textbooks, online forums and website articles, but there’s never one clear, definitive explanation of what it really is. Well, today I’m officially embracing the learning curve and assigning myself the task of discovering everything I can about this massive, growing world of digital marketing possibilities.

So what is digital marketing and what does it entail? Maybe you’ve heard the cookie-cutter response: Digital marketing is marketing that works across various electronic devices. Thanks but no thanks, that’s just boring and not very helpful. In an effort to provide some clarity, I’ve devised my own understanding of what digital marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing consists of any form of media that is accessed through an electronic device to influence the user. After reading this you might think, as did I, that digital marketing is basically just internet marketing. Well, actually it’s not and here’s why. Digital marketing makes use of the entire spectrum of digital channels available. Internet marketing constitutes an entire subcategory of digital marketing, one that includes some of digital marketing’s biggest targets such as web sites, social media and email.

What does it entail?

I’ve seen a common thread thus far in everything I’ve ever read about digital marketing. There are three main aspects to successful digital marketing: people, processes and technology. Everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion on what the essential elements of digital marketing are, but these three items are always present, even if not directly mentioned.

1) People

digital marketing search engine optimization content marketing social media marketing people processes technologyThis is what marketing is all about – reaching people with a message. Continue reading